How did my boyfriend manage to forgive me so easily and quickly?

my boyfriend found out that I've been talking to men through a dating app for a long time. He also flirted during our relationship. He got really angry. Before we both wanted to break up but now know that we actually love eachother. I told him the reason was because I didn't feel loved. Now we even settled it. How did he forgive me so easily? do you think he will revenge cheat? Does he love me? Should I be worried?
I did beg him not to dump me


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  • He knows maybe you both did wrong and rather move beyond it. It’s not done easily ether because he’s trusting you that you won’t do it again. If you’re questioning if he’ll “revenge” cheat that could be a sign you don’t trust him or yourself. He cares about you it seems and the worries come from your own mind.


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