How do I start this conversation?

I need help figuring out how to tell my boyfriend that i feel like all were doing is going through the motions that a relationship goes through. How do I start this conversation with out sounding like an ass hole? He skipped my best friends wedding that i was in and begged him to go to, but a few years ago went to one with a coworker because her boyfriend backed out. He won't go anywhere or do anything with me but will go out to eat with his friends. He's constantly complaining about my family (I have disabled but functioning for now parents who live with me) and doesn't seem interested me at all anymore. I ALWAYS have to start it if we have sex, he doesn't seem, interested in that either, at least not with me. How do i start a conversation about this with out being an ass hole? Help!


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  • “We need to talk”

  • Sounds like you need relationship counseling


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