Everyone says try online dating and I tell them i'm on 4 different apps?

I think the people who tell me this have never been online. The problem with online dating as a guy is the girls have too many options. They will move on to the next guy at the drop of a hat if they don't like something. Opinions?


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  • Try having a meaningful conversation with a girl about something that she considers to be important so she will view you as a social connection and not just as a suitor. That might cause her to refrain from discarding your profile as an option.

    I will give you an example - when I used to use plenty of fish - a guy saw on my profile that I was a Christian and asked me over a dozen questions about my faith because he thought faith in Jesus was stupid and he thought I would agree with him if he asked me questions I didn't know how to answer. I talked to him very long - longer than anybody else who ever talked to me on plenty of fish besides people I already knew.

    Our conversation went well until he asked me how I could know pre-marital sex if I never tried pre-marital sex.

    After that I decided the conversation was no longer in the safe zone and stopped communicating with him.

    Also after all these years - he is one of the few people I remember talking to.


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