Crush on a coworker, does he like me back or am I just over-analyzing?

I work in a retail/food shop as a supervisor and we recently had this new supervisor transfer to my location. I've been crushing on him ever since he started! We like the same things, and will literally sit and talk about anything and everything for hours. I've asked him to dinner/lunch a few times, and he asked me once, but I have no idea if he considered them to be dates or not. Each of these outings, we sat there for 2 or more hours just talking. I feel so comfortable around him. My coworkers say he looks at me differently than other people, and always smiles a little more when I'm around. We've followed each other on all social media platforms and text once in a while, although he told me he doesn't really like texting. Which means he never really goes out of his way to talk to me outside of work. He's also not touchy-feely with me ever and hasn't made a move even though he's had a few opportunities. I'm so confused, is he just a flirt or does it seem like he actually has an interest? He is the type of guy who always has a reason for what he does, he values his time above anything else, and I can't help but think that he's spent a lot of that time talking to me. He also just moved here and started a new degree, and I'm sure he's very invested in that. Can someone decode this for me? I know the only for-sure way to find out his feelings is to ask, but we work together and it'd be quite awkward if I did. Thank you!


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  • Sounds like there is more than just casual interest on his part.


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