Help I need to figure out my boyfriends favourite game?

I've been really forgetful.. and stupid... forgetting so many things. . and I was supposed to get him a birthday gift.. but I keep procrastinating... now its really awkward around him and we rarely talk
but he said if I can name his favourite game then he will forgive me

Please I know its bad... I know its weird.. but please help me figure out the game
the hints were
Its not an indie game.. its Nintendo but its not Mario or Pokémon related
I'm pretty sure I know the game but I don't know its name...
and I really don't want to get it wrong... please help what is a game that isn't Mario/Pokémon and.. thats Nintendo..
I have to know by tomorrow

please don't tell me to dump him or anything.. as it is not just about romance.. it is also about friendship and I don't want him to be mad with me..)


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  • Lol do you know how many games that could be. Nintendo has the highest number of flagship franchises. I mean there’s Kirby, Yoshi, DK, picman, animal crossing, Splatoon, just to name a few of the big ones. Add in third party developers and I could type for literally hours. Most people love Super Smash bros. You remind me of my ex. So focused on maintaining the relationship but borderline clueless about who you’re in a relationship with. I remember desperately wanting her to care more until I broke and realized I just wanted her to be happy with someone else instead of trying to force a round peg into a square hole because it looked attractive. I’m not telling you to dump him but it may be time to just own up to the reality of your situation and have an honest discussion with one another.


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  • omg he sounds kinda weird, they have a lot of games, you could just get a list of all of them and maybe you'll remember one of them


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