Am I like the worst possible combination for dating material, or what?

I'm a quiet person, home schooled, barrel chested, nerdy, not conventionally attractive, somewhat air-headed, am I the worst possible combination, or what? I just feel like with all those factors, I'll never find someone.


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  • You sound fine to me. The reality is there’s only so many 10s in the world and it’s just a matter of time for a girl to wake up and realize a good relationship could be slightly better than being an average girl pining over the same guys that literally every other girl is pining over including girls far more attractive to him. The second she questions her overinflated standards you’re as great of an option as any other man. Or in kinder words you may not be her fantasy but you’re probably a pretty worthwhile reality. If you really want a relationship and put in the work to find one you’ll be fine.


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  • I'm shy too. Been struggling with women for years for that single reason.

  • There's probably someone out there even for the likes of you, you just have to keep looking


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