My friends with benefits is confusing me?

so there’s this guy I met at my new job who I was instantly attracted to and I could tell he was attracted to me too and we hit it off right away. I didn’t try nothing to not scare him but we spent a short while being friends until I realized he was into me enough to ask him if he wanted to be friends with benefits. It’s been going on for less than a month and things are progressing quicker than I thought and it’s confusing me. Lately we call each other baby, and he calls me beautiful, so we never call each other our name. The other day I went to his house and we cuddled for hours and he held my hand, brushed my hair out of my face, we looked into each other’s eyes, etc. We have deep conversations and he comforts me when I’m sick or sad. The other day he came to see me at work on my lunch break on his day off and we agreed to keep this on the downlow. He asked for a kiss in front of our coworkers, and I was in shock because I didn’t think he would want the people to work with to know we got something going on. We have been real close lately and I am starting to miss him when he’s not around. Is this still friends with benefits or something more?


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  • Nonmonogamous is what I prefer to call Benny friends... I mean, tha sounds like a boyfriend... But if u want u can have 5 boyfriends and still call yourself available if u want to... I think it boils down to what u both agree is ok and what u each want from it, should be in agreement and on same page about the relationship...

  • Why don’t you ask him?

    • because I don’t know how to approach it and aince I am enjoying how it’s going I’m afraid to ruin it.

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    • lmfaoooooo

    • This topic has been on my mind recently...

      I think it's a mistake insecure people make to marry themself into sexual and emotional bondage to one person, that kind of tension builds and I would bet a vast majority of "relationships" eventually die cuz people want more in their love life. humans were designed for wanting sex and social connection. I bet statistically 88%of all relationships don't make it past 3years, 95% dont last over 10. Think of all the break up questions here... Even those that last are typically more and more miserable over time. Love can be expanded beyond one person, sex included. Confidence and open hearted freedom led me to this conclusion.

      I mean look at hue Hefner... Nobody can argue their life with a wife is better than what he had there... dude always looked happy...

      Am I making any sense with this rant?

  • You shouldn't have to ask about an friends with benefits, if it's JUST an friends with benefits. Don't you get it?


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