Girls, What type of guy does this sound like?

I may or may not be trying to hook a friend up. His name on here is Confidence smt but I know him irl he’s a fun guy he’s a Sagittarius so he likes to travel and he doesn’t lie he likes good girls and likes cooking and loves to help and he knows how to clean and is 18 and is very nice and kind and cares about everyone and his #1 goal is to make everyone he meets happy he’s also got golden green eyes and is extremely loyal he’s also been cheated on by 3 girls that didn’t deserve him at all they cheated on him with his best friend


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  • Sagittarius doesn't prove anything.
    What's his moon sign?
    He sounds more watery if he family oriented lol

    • I’m not that into Sagittarius’s so I don't know 😂but his bday was 11/26 and he’s not family oriented he wants a good girl to love he wants to get a vasectomy soon so I’m tryna get him to stop before he fucks up something with the right girl

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    • He said he wants a girl who likes to travel he doesn’t like sitting around

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