Can someone become "hot" with just personality (read description for my story)?

Can someone become
What I mean is by this question is: can someone who doesn't have you preferred looks (to each their own) can become hotter than hell to you with the right personality. I think yes and I have some funny stories about it:
At my local Family Dollar, there's a woman who works there and she's HOT, and I mean HOT! She's got the genetic lottery working in her favor, she's got a pretty face, big butt, wide hips, perfect size boobs, and a small stomach, she could easily be on a cover of a magazine. But whenever I see her, she always has this real bitch attitude. She looks at you as if you dog shit, she's always sighing and rolling her eyes, and she always talks to people as if you did her wrong. To me, even with her beauty, because of the way she acts, she's hideous (and even as far as unfuckable) to me 😒 . BUT , another story: I remember I went to the same high school with this one girl who stole my heart (I didn't date her, or anyone for personal reasons). She didn't have the appearance I prefer in a partner, she was a little redneckish, she was quite a bit chubby (but she did sports like track and power lifting), and she was about 3 or 4 years older than me, but I will admit her face and her smile was to die for. But even with those "setbacks" (lack of a better word sorry) she was very nice, kind, considerate, and flirty. When she talked to you, sh made you feel special and important, and she did this this thing where after a conversation she would drag her hand across my chest in a flirty way as she walked away (which I adored). Even though her looks didn't exactly fit my preference, she found a way to put hearts in my eyes 😍. And to be honest, if I were ready to date at the time, I defiantly would have dated her. But what do you think? Do you agree? Do you have a similar story?
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  • Not really.
    Although a good personality is a big boost

  • Maybe


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