If you were of the opposite sex, what would some dealbreakers be?

Girls, if you were a guy, what would make you lose interest in a girl?
Guys, if you were a girl, what would make you lose interest in a guy?
I know that if I were a girl, I'd be turned off of a guy:
1. If he had long hair.
2. If he tattooed or pierced his body..
3. If he were abusive or violent, or cursed.
4. If he were gay or bisexual.
5. If he drank, smoked, or used drugs.
6. If he wanted anal or oral sex, or if he cared about the body but not the person.
7. If he had a roving eye, especially if he eyed underaged girls.
8. If he wore his trousers below his waist, or if his underwear or butt were visible in public.


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  • I hate when guys have bad breath so that's one. If I can see the dudes undies from his saggy pants haha. Has to be doing something with their lives. Etc but those are some biggies

  • Definitely, being a creep. I can't even imagine what girls go through with horny men wanting sex and sex only.


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  • 1. Somebody who cares more about money then people
    2. Somebody who is argumentative
    3. Somebody who is critical
    4. Somebody who is controlling
    5. Somebody who is arrogant
    6. Somebody who puts their own needs and desires above those of their children
    7. Somebody who does not believe in equality in a relationship
    8. Somebody who is greedy or materialistic
    9. Somebody who pretends to be something they are not
    10. Somebody who is jealous of anybody at any time for any reason unless their partner is cheating on them or wants to cheat on them which is the only legitimate reason for being jealous of somebody
    11. Somebody who is unjust
    12. Somebody who is overly sexual
    13. Somebody who doesn't respect belief in God
    14. Somebody who discriminates against others based on their religion or their race or their income or their ability to conform to their cultural standards
    15. Somebody who uses people for profit and benefit
    16. Somebody who is addicted to power and can't stand being humble
    17. Somebody who neglects the people they are responsible for
    18. Somebody too lazy to get an education
    19. Somebody who is a different person behind closed doors that they are in real life
    20. Somebody who tries to make you jealous

    • I love that you said somebody and not she! Also, none of those points are gender specific. Awesome! You also didn't need to pretend to be a man and think about being with a woman. You didn't have to lower yourself to that level, which I appreciate.

      I also love your points! They were very concise and spot on

  • If she was...
    1) A massive gossiper
    2) Drama queen/always creating drama
    3) She takes offense to every little thing and makes it into a huge deal
    4) Too clingy/controlling i. e saying I can't go out with friends, have to stop talking to female friends, etc.
    5) Too insecure about everything
    6) If she was bossy
    7) Or tells her friends every relationship problem we have/private things about me.

  • If she was vain, or mean.
    If she tried to get me to have unprotected sex (child supports a bitch)
    If she had an odor
    If she was all show and no brains
    If she was bossy and unappreciative
    If she told her friends all our business
    If she constantly had drama

  • Haha nice question.
    She can't wear makeup/polish (only clear lipgloss). She can't wear weave thats past the shoulders cause it makes it look too fake (unless its like box braids or something). She can only carry around cute backpacks/wallets, not purses. She has to have a pretty smile. She has to dress more athletic/hiphop/streetwear than girly girl. She has to be willing to workout a few days a week (with the exception of her period week). She has to shave all pubes and body hair and can't smoke/drink. She can't cuss nor be bisexual. She has to use little to no social media and must love listening to music and watching reality shows

  • If I were a guy, bad hygiene would be a dealbreaker.
    I roomed with a chick who showered once a week in college.. ugh.

  • If I was a guy I wouldn't like an insecure, crazy woman or a woman who wants to marry me before even knowing me

  • Gossiping non stop. Thinking she's can tell me to shut up. Thinking she's entitled to certain things. Having expectations of me, but not herself. Cheating. Uhhmmm...

  • Considering I lived and a hit I've been there.
    A controlling person
    Uses violence
    Puts you down
    Acts ashamed to be around you
    Puts other guys first
    Not affectionate

  • No need to imagine I’m a guy because I’m bisexual 😂
    Anyways, I don’t like when a girl is:
    too clingy or controlling
    poor hygiene
    too short (mainly bc I’m tall myself so it would just be inconvenient)
    too gossipy (if she has a friend she tells literally everything about me that’s a no go)
    boring (if she never wants to go out or take day trips)
    plain (I don’t need a slave to the mainstream)
    unintelligent (my intellect needs to be engaged)

    Pretty much all of these apply to both genders for me


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  • Can't only bi people answer? I mean.. How can u consider what it would be like for you yourself to be with someone of the same gender and like it? Wouldn't that require a bit of knowledge on what it is to like the same gender?

    But if you were asking me to empathize with a woman, I could do that.. Because I can see the way women react.. And I know what things are messed up, selfish or cruel for me to do, say or be..

    I'm just confused when you say "guys, if you were a girl, what would make you lose interest in a guy?" remove the if conditional.. Because sentences should flow without them.. And because the condition is a simulated effect in the brain, meaning that the attraction to the same sex is simulated in the brain as well. The question reads "guys, what would make you lose interest in a guy?". For me, the answer to that question is him being a guy.

    Also, why ask in that way unless you were supposedly trying to get responses from straight people? What kind of question is this?

    The idea is nice but the format is self defeating.

    • I'm not claiming that everyone here who answered was bi... But it seems suggestive that the ratio of guys to girls answering is approxinately the same ratio between guys and girls who have homosexual/bi tendencies. Usually about 1% of men report being gay or bisexual. 1.5% - 2% of girls report being gay or bisexual.. There were twice the number of girls who answered this post.. This doesn't prove correlation.. But it sure seems suggestive. Maybe bi or gay people make up some of the responses here.. Or maybe they are latent effects which present similar ratios when u gave a question that would draw bisexuals in.

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    • I think the most ironic thing in all of this... Is that u said "... I (a man) would find it a turn off if he were gay or bisexual" assuming we can invert that a little, combined with my thoughts from earlier (hope you read through) and this sounds kind of hypocritical... Straight dudes I know don't sit here thinking about what they would like to do in a relationship with a man... But hey, maybe straight dudes are different where you're from. Or maybe you can actually transform into a woman (body, mind and soul) and write down what u think while in that state and come back... TRANSform...

    • Sorry for giving you a hard time, sir. Especially if you feel I'm being judgmental, conceited and pedantic.. I know I came across that way.. But I don't mean to insult u in particular. I was just belaboring a point.. Which is to avoid survey bias and keep the implications of a question in mind.

      Good day sir.

      I enjoyed your question

  • Good question!!! Unfaithful guy, full of himself, agenda based, and heavy on his own opi

  • Pretty much just the same things as now: 1) Smoking, 2) Fat, 3) Being a parent.

  • Not big on superficial people, or your vagina is an inside out penis.

  • Same as now. Rude, stinky, and/or superficial.

  • Id say mine would be similar, but id let him curse


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