Should I be worried?

My boyfriend of 3 months had a very stressful week because of the exams, He wasn't affectionate at all during his study week, it was like I didn't exist. We didn't see each other and we barely talked, like once on my initiative. I was supportive and gave him space since I thought maybe that's what he needs, and would just text him some short sweet text to let him know I'm thinking about him. And I didn't get a sweet text back, just him going on and on about how he feels like shit and how studying is killing him. No thank you babe no nothing. Then he passed his exam yesterday and called me to tell me he passed it, he seemed so happy, but tired. And he said he was tired. I congratulated him and told him to get a good rest. That was in the morning and then he didn't contact me at all after that. Not even this morning. So I again did it first, asked him if he's feeling better, and he said he got a flue from not eating and sleeping well these days. This was all through text which is weird to me since we rarely text we usually talk on the phone. I asked him if he wants to talk a little and he said that he is too tired that we should just text. Then he asked me about my day and we had a little small talk, but it was all more friendly then romantic. And we're usually romantic. I offered to come over and prepare him some healthy and delicious meal for his cold and he said there's no need, that I'm already busy enough with work, that I shouldn't worry about him. The thing is I really miss him. To the point where I get sad for not seeing him and kissing him and touching him. I want to take care of him and to make him feel better. We've been so distant this whole week and I was hoping he was missing me too. I thought he would gladly reciprocate my affection, but instead he's pushing me away. I guess this the first time I see him like this (stressful and sick) and I don't know what to do. Did he lose interest in me?


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  • No, you weren't clear about your feelings so he just doesn't get it. Typical. It's just not always about YOU!


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