Does it sound as if there’s something wrong with my personality that makes me unlikeable?

So, I’m 23 and lead what you’d call a “lonely” life. I have no friends. And no romantic partner at the moment. I've always been relatively reserved and never really had many friends. I was bullied as a child and a bit in HS & MS. Even a few family members were rude towards me and I don’t understand what triggered their animosity towards me. Previous co workers too. I’ve had a minimal amount of friends and acquaintances throughout my life.

If you think my friendship history is pathetic, wait until you hear my dating history. I’ve only been in one short term relationship. I don’t even consider our relationship as anything substantial because it was long distance too. Guys don’t actively pursue me compared to the friends I’ve witnessed that have a lot of suitors. And the ones that have shown interest were not my type. This has affected my self esteem in the past and now I’ve accepted my life as being single so I am not as melancholy about the topic. What I find weird is people compliment me and I’ve been told I’m attractive by others, yet I’m invisible.
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  • I went with "yes" for your own sake. You can mean the best for people and, lacking the right kind of social skills and approach, still end up causing so much friction in ways that will cause both of you stress (especially you since you meant so well for the person only to have it backfire).

    You are one of good intentions and poor outcomes as I see it, with the potential to get the greatest of outcomes if you could improve your skills. But at the moment I think there is something lacking about your demeanor, personality, social skills, that makes your efforts a hit or a miss among other people around you, with far more misses than hits.

    And your life can be so much better as I see it if you can work on that and improve it.


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  • Are you very shy?


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  • I am the same, reserved. The problem with it is if you don't put yourself out there it makes it hard to start ANY kind of realtionship because you simply don't meet many people. At the same time people don't approach you because you are seen as anti-social.

  • that's a hard q to answer fully, there is nothing wrong being the quite 1,
    you just not found the right one yet,
    a lot people have same story or worse,
    it not really to do with personality as such, I have asked my fam & friends & others & post on here for help if I just ugly as been thro similar but most people not want be honest, your sitch it been in everything too,
    people seem to forget about depression too as in how you feel invisible, if guy likes but see depressed they only see that moment, not see that all you need is the happy to brighten up & see the real you,
    you have some friends so they must like you,

    • u said about how the hard times been & tell has depressed, but you didn't say much bout your traits, need know personality traits to say if it personality

  • Even though I am not like that, I still prefer women like you. I prefer the shy quiet types.


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