Do people have types? and if so, what types, and why?


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  • I have one really specific type. Only seem to be attracted to men with black hair, even dark brown hair doesn’t do it for me... it’s strange and I’ve never been able to understand it myself.


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  • I don't really have a "type". I started off having one and then dated girls very different and found myself liking them very much to the point where I no longer bothered to even try to list the qualities in advance that might attract me or get me to fall for a girl.

    Instead the list I have is more like "negative types". It's the things I've learned to avoid over the course of dating, since I found such characteristics appeared to lead to something I didn't like repeatedly. But it's a small list of things to avoid.

    I see it as like food. How can you know what food will be your favorite in advance, when there's a world full of things to sample? But you can at least say you don't like stuff that's super sweet or super spicy, for example, after trying lots of those types of things.

    • So what was your type, and what are your negative types, and why?

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    • I see that kind of thing like physical shape is not just some arbitrary quality. If a girl has a certain shape, she can usually move in a different way (faster, more explosive, more graceful, etc). And I like the dynamic that brings to the date if she has something I really like about the way she moves, and how it feels to hold her body.

      With tall girls again I never got to date one, but I found at least some very graceful and beautiful that way... at least to the eye. But I might change my mind if I dated one and figure that's not my thing... or maybe I'd fall madly in love with her and find it entirely my thing. I don't know since I never got to try.

    • But I was reasonably open to dating new kinds of girls all the time.. maybe partially due to the traveling -- like all sorts of ethnicities (black, white, Asian, whatever), body types, personalities, if they would likewise give me a try. And each one, maybe even those with whom I was a bit incompatible, broadened my horizons... helped me to appreciate new things, expand my interests, helped me to understand and appreciate their culture. I liked lots of girls back then (maybe I still do). But I only loved a couple in that entire experience.

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  • I don’t have types


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  • I do but there are some people that don't. My type are outdoorsy country girls, they are not afraid to get a little dirty, know a lot about taking care of animals and they like to cuddle up under the stars.


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