At what point should someone stop pursuing a person?

I’m talking to this guy and we’re long distance but we have been constant for a year in October. I feel like I’m more talkative and open conversations and try to keep them flowing but he’s more vocal about feelings. The couple times he talks, it’s always telling me how he wants to marry me and have kids, and how he loves how loyal I am, etc. But he doesn’t match up those words with his actions. I try to always keep in contact due to the nature of our situation and because I just like talking to him. Sometimes I feel like I don't know if this is normal. He’s been single since he was 19 and I have outlasted his most serious relationship. He seeks me but for the most part Im the puppy behind him. Like what is the feeling or what is the point one must reach to realize that a person is not worth pursuing? What are factors that one must take into consideration to determine that?


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