Where should I take my girlfriend out for dinner?

So it's a bit if a special occasion, not gonna go super into detail but we wanted to go out and eat somewhere obviously. The thing is, she's insisting on splitting the bill no matter what I say. I'd originally planned on taking her out to Cheesecake Factory, but that can get pretty pricy and I don't wanna make her spend a ton of her money on this. So, with that in mind, should we still go there or since she's gonna insist on the split, should I take her somewhere a little less pricy?
  • Just go to cheesecake factory you goof.
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  • Take her somewhere a little less expensive
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  • Cheesecake Factory is not that expensive.

    If you're celebrating having sex together for the first time, congrats!

    • Its not that, and hey for a couple of semi broke high school kids it seems pretty expensive!

    • Sorry.

      In that case, pick someplace a little less pricy.

  • No go to an exotic restaurant. Maybe Thai restaurant or something.

  • U Think... The Cheesecakes Pricey? Wha-.


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