Why are insecurities an empowerment to women but a detriment to men?

If a girls is insecure about her height, she can demand taller men to make her feel smaller and more comfortable. If a guy is insecure about his height, he is guilty of having "Napoleon syndrome" until proven innocent.


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  • How silly of you. Everyone has insecurities. No one can just bend the world to make them go away. It's always an inside job.

    • Insecurities are turn off to women, so how do you expect males to resolve them all?

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    • Then can you list which insecurities make a guy un-datable? I want to better myself.

    • There isn't a list, that's what I am saying.

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  • Women are privileged and men are suffering


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  • A lot of the time, there's no empowerment to women with insecurities.

    • A women who is insecure about being too tall can demand tall men and have it met. How is that not empowerment?

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    • I'm not, I'm asking why. I understand it is what it is, but understanding the reasoning will help me put my mind at ease.

    • "i don't have the luxury of passing my insecurities onto others"
      yeah, a lot of people don't, WHICHEVER gender.
      And if that isn't trying to project you have it worse, I don't know what is.

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