Is my ex’s new girlfriend jealous of me? My friend group is losing him as our friend because of her. What should I do?

My ex’s new girlfriend is kind of stalking me on social media, and removing our friend group’s travel photos (me, my ex, and many other friends) from his facebook page...

He also disappeared from the friend group and acts wierd: like put couple photos of them as profile picture (he doesn’t use social media and doesn’t even know how to change profile picture LOL)
probably because his new girlfriend is jealous and wanna declare that he’s hers or sth?

How can I let her know that I am also seeing someone and I have no interests in her boyfriend, so that he can return to our friend group?


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  • You don't even have to tell her, she's probably insecure and she will eventually get over it. Live your life and enjoy what you have now.


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