Dating in the age of plastic?

How much (if at all) has the 21st century changed dating for the better or worse?
Is technology key, or do we still hope too meet people whilst going about our daily lives?
  • Technology has improved the dating experience.
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  • Technology has worsened the dating experience.
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  • Technology has made no significant change on the dating experience.
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  • Well, online dating wasn't that big of a thing when I was younger, and I never bothered with it, but night clubs and bars were kind of huge for hook-ups, as well as partying, getting wasted, high, that sort of thing.

    There are a lot of environments where first impressions play the most dominating role, whether that's approaching a girl and seducing her with your eyes or writing some shit for a profile and showing some photos of yourself. I never expected wife-material to be found in those contexts, unless you're really lucky.

    I'd only be worried if the masses start to take to these over the old-fashioned way, whether it's the masses looking to find serious material in night clubs or the masses looking to find serious material in online dating.

    • Thanks, I really enjoyed and appreciated that answer.

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    • >> And yes, do the relationships developed from a online dating platform have longevity?

      I have only known one success case, and it was a friend I met at Mensa. He was a very smart guy but not the best socially, and he met a very smart (but pretty) girl who was not the best socially. He was one of those types I'd have to interrupt while he talked to me about the plausibility of Singularity in favor of more "moral" subjects -- a true "deviant" from social norms, if you will. And so he needed to reach out, far and wide, to find one who would match up to him. That was an exceptional case but he did get a loving wife and kids out of online dating.

      But again, exceptional case. I've seen so many more failures than not through the online dating course, and I relate it to bars and night clubs (which I'm very familiar with).

    • [...] Singularity in favor of more "[/mortal]" subjects [...]

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