Girls who tell guys they can't have any insecurities, can you give advice on how to absolve and prevent insecurities?

I'm trying to be a better man so I can finally start meeting women and hopefully date. But the biggest thing in my way is the fact that I have insecurities.

I realize i need to end them, it seems very hard and online, people say it's okay to be insecure, but that's because those people are going to be alone forever, I don't want to be alone forever.


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  • Everyone has insecurities, no one is going to be alone forever when they find someone who actually understands and accepts you for who you really are.

    • And how is that done? I'm 23, and never been accepted. I never make my insecurities apparent, I can joke about myself, but I'l failed since i was 13.

      Most guys my age have been dating and they get better and better because they realize what they want, they mature and they have past experience to rely on. I have nothing, I don't know how to make something out of nothing.

      Most girls my age however moves past guys their own age and want guys older than them and in a position to provide security and stability. It's really hard to provide that right out of college.

    • Well i'm 23 and so is my boyfriend, my boyfriend has pretty bad insecurities which he didn't tell me about so i had to figure it out myself or i assumed what the insecurities were which wasn't a good thing ahaha. After learning what he was actually insecure about he slowly started getting over them in his own pace and I just waited and always remind him that Egypt wasn't built in a day.

      You can learn from hearing about your friends relationship problems and think about what you would do during that situation or how you would be able to handle it.

      Trust me girls who want to date older guys are going to get played and lead to believe that someone who actually has done something with themselves is going to take care of them but in reality older men are just selfish and only wanna please themselves.

    • Many times my friends say things like "oh you're lucky you never been a relationship, you never had real pain before." I understand that relationships aren't all fun and games and there's work involved.

      I guess i see what you mean, i need to at least put up the front that I'm perfect to earn a girls love and respect.

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