How to balance support and space when he's stressed?

The guy I've been dating for just under two months is losing his grandmother. He's the only one in the region, and has taken it on himself to be with her as she is in her final days. Naturally, he's not been as communicative the past week as he focuses on the stress of that. We talked and he apologized for being absent, I told him I understood (having lost my own mom I truly to get how hard and overwhelming it can be). He said he's still very much interested in pursuing a relationship with me, but his focus now is taking care of his grandmother till she passes.

I told him I would respect that, and give him space if he needed it - he then responded that he didn't need space, he just doesn't want to burden me with his issues. A couple days after that conversation and not having heard from him, I sent him a text to let him know he was on my mind & asked if he wanted me to go with him to the hospital one night. He hasn't responded at all.

So my question is... how do I let him know I care about him without making him feel smothered? Is a simple "hey, thinking about you" text every couple days okay, or a funny meme to lighten the mood? Or have I said enough & should I just... let him be?

I know men process differently from women, so I don't want to push too much, but it's going against my natural instinct when I very badly want to be there for him.


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