How do I tell a sensitive, genuinely sweet guy I don’t want anything got to do without him?

A little information, we met on tinder. Talking for a few months, I was in his city for a festival and we met up, hung out, hooked up.

That was two months ago and now he tells me he legitimately loves me and keeps going on about meeting up again, talks about us being in a relationship, having kids and getting married... he told his parents and sister about me the week after the met, that’s weird right?

I’ve put off meeting up again so many times and I’ve told him I don’t want a relationship or to be dating anyone right now and it’s obvious he does. He’s also an excessive drinker, gets drunk a lot and pours his heart out which makes me not like him so much more.

He’s a sweet guy, I care about him but I can’t deal with him anymore. I can’t pretend to be interested in him any longer, it’s draining me and it sucks because I’m doing this to myself all to save him from potential heartbreak.

I have no idea what to say or how to let him down easy, I tried to do it before and he got quite no upset and started saying stuff like “did I do something wrong? what’s wrong with me?” and I just got worried because like I said, he’s a drinker and he also has had some problems with his mental health in the past so I was just worried about upsetting him even more and then have him getting blackout drunk so I just said I wasn’t in the right state of mind when I said those things..

I know this is really long but I need the help. I genuinely have no idea how to let him down easy. Should I just be straight up about it? I don’t want to waste his time anymore and keep filling him with false hope..


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  • Seriously just tell him straight, he would have to be a supremely weak person for one rejection to change his whole personality!


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