Is she just dumping problems on me?

I met her a year ago. She was the most joyful person I'd ever met, so I thought that it might benefit me to get to know her better, and we fell in love an started dating.
I have some periods where I feel really down, there are times I just doubt there's any reason to even go on, then I isolate myself, thinking that I'd only be burden on others, I can't go to a therapist (because it costs th whites out of your eyes).
Anyway, the point is... she has started complaining a lot about everything, and that's fine, as long as she let's me help her. She just kind of dumps her feelings on me, and just refuses any solution I come up with. I don't know... it's really bringing me down, it feels like the only time I feel anything is when I feel pain.


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  • Yes, she is. This is a dead end, energy draining relationship. I would leave while you still can.


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