Can’t you be in love with and even like two people?

Even if one has the title of being your girlfriend or boyfriend and they’re the one reaping the benefits of actually being with you, gifts, vacations, social media post, can’t you still feel the same way about them both?


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  • I can't see that being possible.

  • Absolutely, its called polyamory. It is totally possible to love two people equally, it is much harder to divide time and energy equally however.

    • Yea that’s what I think. Like one person is getting showered with gifts and being shown off while the other doesn’t even have a title to even reap those benefits but you know for a fact regardless of who is receiving the best or most treatment that your feelings for both are equal and sometimes it happens that way because a lot of people think it’s wrong to like love or even be attracted to more than one person and 9/10 your partner wouldn’t allow it or accept it if you told them so you have to continue with that cycle even though you know how you feel about both.

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    • Yep I hope his ex won’t be too hurt by it when she finds out.

    • I imagine she will be but such are the clusterfucks of life.

  • In love... no. lust, yes


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