Will he ask me out soon?

Recently I told this guy I like him and he said he liked me too. Ever since we have basically been acting like a couple, walking to class hand in hand, cuddling up/ laying on each other at the lunch table, kissing, and a lot of hugging. We FaceTime basically every night and the other day. I mentioned how my friends saw us and kept asking me if we were dating and I didn't know what to say because technically we aren't. I'm not sure what exactly he said next because he said it quiet on purpose, but it was something along the lines of, "we will be soon." The next day, we got more cuddly/touchy at lunch and my friends and I made the discovery that every time I hug him, his heart beat speeds up a lot which I think is the cutest thing. All this makes me think he will, but every now and then, his friends come up to us and they are like, "is this your new girl?" and other things like that and he always denies it and acts like we are JUST friends.
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  • You two are very young.

    But you act like a couple. Don't stress over the label.

  • How long has this been going on?

    • Not very long. A little under a week.

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