Why doesn’t he compliment me?

The guy I’m talking to NEVER compliments me ever !!! Maybe once he’s called me beautiful. I post on Snapchat all the time and I have all types of guys saying how beautiful I am and gorgeous and pretty. But he just looks at it and never says shit. He only responds to my snapchats to say something negative about a post or to tell me to delete something. He tells me to send him a picture to him that everyone hasn’t already seen.. like a personal selfie for him. But when I post cute selfies and stuff he never says shit !! It makes me mad like why? There’s tons of guys who tells me I’m pretty and I know I be looking good but why can’t my own man do it?😓
He told me that I be posting for other guys to see and I just want attention and for them to talk to me. He thinks it’s stupid that I post on there and claims I talk to other guys


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  • Flash him your boobs. He’ll have to compliment them.


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  • He seems insecure if he's telling you to delete stuff. You deserve a guy who tells you that you look pretty or beautiful all the time.


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  • Why are you still with him?

  • Maybe you're not beautiful and he realizes it lol.

    • Everyone calls me beautiful. All dudes and females. I always get tons of likes as well. I know I’m beautiful. But he doesn’t say it and it’s weird.

    • He thinks of himself as ugly that’s what he told me

    • Ok maybe it's just not his type to compliment all the time.

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