Should I accept being her friend or not?

I was texting a girl for a couple months before school, and things were going really good, but then she got distant once we got to campus. We hung out a couple times, she said I wasted a great first kiss story, so I kissed her and since she got distant again. She was stuck on her ex so I asked if a relationship would ever happen and she said probably not. She then posted on instagram that she had a crush so I called her on it and she said she wasn't feeling I was just supposed to be her friend. I really liked her and I'm the romantic who wants to wait but all signs point to no. Should I be her friend and hope some day she realizes, or just say I can't be friends and be hurt until she figures it out. She did seem really interested over the summer, but I don't know what changed.


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  • Seems like she's going on with problems with her previous relationship and probably doesn't plan on doing anything while she recovers. The fact that she said she wasn't feeling anything was probably the only sign you needed.

    Really depends on how the weeks go, you can't really determine an outcome from just one post so yeah

  • Nah, move on. You can keep her as a friend, but a distant one.


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