How can I figure out my type of girl?

I’m asking cause I asked a girl out based on appearance and was brutally rejected and told she would date me if I was the last guy on earth
Or is this something related to looks or appearance


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  • What’s your love language? If you can figure that out and know the love language if someone you like, you’re likely to know if you would work out. For example, mine are physical touch and words of affirmation. This means I understand and give love through hugs, cuddles, and words of encouragement.

    Also, list the qualities you like in a girl. What are you looking for? What kind of relationship are you hoping to have with a girl? One night stand or long term possibly future spouse?

    List the qualities you don’t like in other people. For example, I hate liars. I refuse to date a liar for any amount of time.

    • I just want to avoid the emotional heartbreak and embarrassment I experienced before where I put everything out there and the girl said I would never date you and essentially told me her fantasy’s about another guy. I don’t even know if I should try anymore at this point cause truthfully I don’t have a clue what I’m doing.

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