Date turns out to be a nightmare. Any opinions?

So I dated this 39 year old lady which I already had a gut feeling she was crazy but I still wanted to go out with her. I've dated a few crazy women in my life and this just adds more reason to why I'm still not married and without kids.
I've had Aussie women pay for my drinks without me asking so I'm no way putting all women in the same bag.
Enjoy the transcript !!
12:46 Me: Hey Maria, can I call you?
16:26 Me: Is everything ok with me?
17:00 Maria: No sorry I wouldn't be interested in going any further with you, you didn't even let me order food and I went hungry while you stuffed your face with dessert and said you weren't hungry and then TOLD ME TO PAY for my coffee and accepted money from a first date, I didn't think any guy accepted money from me on a first date ever. You're not man enough for me and you're a tight arse too! Goodluck!
Me: wow
Me: I asked you several times what did you want to order and paid the whole bill and you still complain? Who's the tight ass? I definitely don't want to see you.
Me: and by the way, I refused your money three times but you insisted. You're crazier than I thought.
Me: You just killed what could've been a friendship for $15 which is what you gave me.
Me: I paid close to $100. Who's the tight ass now? Deleting your number anyway, go to hell.


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  • I've never experienced anything like that. Seems like you didn't lose out on anything.

    • I mean any relationship with her. You just wasted some time and money.

    • yep. Funny how it all turned upside down. This was the last thing I would've expected from her.

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