Do guys like being spoiled?

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  • This is my thing personally I don't like anyone doing anything for me just to throw it in my face later. I buy what I want, I cook I cleanup anything outside of personal wants and responsibilities is ok to a degree

    • Yeah just to do it. Like I got my guy a present for his 25th bday but we’re long distance, it’s still in my room packed up cause he’s in the army and one of the presents is a bottle of henny and I can’t send that to his barracks, but my bday was a month after and I told him I didn’t want anything in return. Like I didn’t do it as a tit for tat. At the end he was like “omg you went all out” and I bought his favorite football team hoodie his size for when we watch football so I could wear it and feel close to him and told him that I wanted an army hoodie to rep him and that I was gonna buy it and he said that he would buy it for me. Its so little but him telling me to he’d get it is so cute, it made me wonder if he thought what I did was equally cute and spoiling lol

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    • 😂 You did good

    • Well I’m just glad that he appreciated the gesture! All I wanted in return was to see him smile. But yeah I get what you’re saying! My ex would do stuff and then talk about prices and then throw it in my face. I didn’t ask for anything and never threw anything in his face but he would act as if I had to put up with his cheating because he got me a 200 dollar purse! Usually people just spoil to rack up points to use against. But when it’s genuine it’s really nice to have someone that just wants to be nice to you

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  • They sure do. Feels wonderful when someone pays attention to you and does things just to make you feel good.

  • Who doesn't like being spoiled? Spoil mmmeee, ahaha.

  • I dont... makes me feel like a little child


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