Ignored my boyfriend for 2 days for standing me up but he is acting like nothing happened. He texts me every morning as if he doesn’t know I’m mad?

I’ve been dating this guy for about 4 almost 5 months. Last weekend I got upset with him because Sunday was supposed to be our day. He tried to get me to spend time with him Friday and Saturday but I had other plans. Finally I agreed that he could spend a night Saturday once I got home from partying with my friends. He did but, left early Sunday morning to go work in the country with his dad. Before he left on Sunday I told him how I felt about us not being able to spend much time lately. He said all the right things and sounded sincere. He told me how he wants to be around more etc. and he misses us spending time etc... He also said, he would come back to my house on Sunday so we can spend the day together. He never showed up and never called to say he wasn’t coming. This is the 2nd time this has happened. The first time I addressed it with him and told him how it made me feel. Well this time I decided to ignore him for a couple of days. Despite me ignoring him, he still continues to text me every morning like usual as if nothing happened. Today I decided to respond to his Goodmorning message with a thank you. I was very short. He tried to make conversation with me like usual as if nothing happened. But I was very short with him. Why would a guy continue to act as if he didn’t do anything wrong? Please give your opinions. Guys especially!


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What Guys Said 2

  • You were being passive aggressive and he either didn't notice or deliberately chose to ignore it.

    I mean this in the kindest possible way but I also think its important for you not to kid yourself, tell him what you're upset about and quit being childish and ignoring him, its an immature arguing strategy that never works.

    • I get completly what you’re saying. I became upset because I have communicated with him previously about things that I do not like and it’s like talking to a wall so I decided to try a different strategy in order to get him to understand. This isn’t the first time that he pretended that everything was ok..

    • I'm glad it wasn't taken offensively, the intention really is to help. I just don't sugarcoat things :P

      I'm glad you are at least open to trying other strategies, in communication problems like this its usually both people contributing to it in some way so hopefully if you are able to talk to him about it again he can open up a bit and you guys can come up with some strategies to tackle the issues like him not showing up when he says he will.

  • Simply put u are being a child at 28 if u think ignoring someone is how u solve issues in relationships then you are doomed to lonlyness

    • What do you do with a guy that doesn’t communicate? Yes I could get rid of him but there has to be someway to get through to him.

    • Yes by acting like a child it's a wonder people still attempt relationships who your using basic fundamentals of how they work u know communication is one of them if he won't communicate with u the relationship won't last that's a fact that u think u can circumvent with ignoring him is as amazing as how stupid he is

What Girls Said 1

  • The first time it should be an understanding when discussing the way that you feel. The second time understandable that things happen and people are either busy or occupied. The third time nothing changes? He’s deciding to ignore you and not make an effort to make a change in his behavior that lets you know his actually interest in making things better isn’t going to get better anytime soon.

    I learned a lesson with the last situation with the guy I was dating don’t ignore it’s not nice the best thing to do is communicate. I decided to ignore the guy because he was ignoring me and it went downhill and he ended up ignoring me in return. After I cut things off with him.

    If he’s not communicating with time and affection than have that conversation and give him his space let him come to you. That’s all.

    • You make a good point. I plan to try to discuss it with him another time.

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