She ignores me then adds me on social media?

So I started to like a girl but she said she had a boyfriend when she clearly didn't. We went on one date a few months later, but she never responded to my me afterwards, called me or texted back, and I never heard from her until a year later she decides to add me on different social media... why? What's the point of that?


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  • I agree with both guys those are highly possible, also I wanted to add that she might of had feelings come back but that's probably only because she didn't realize it or because it didn't work with someone else

    • Yeah... that's what I think as well.

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  • B'coz it didn't work out with somebody else. You aren't a prince of her dreams, so it's not recommended to fall on her.


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  • She probably gained sudden interest in you. Life's a wheel really. They come back when you move on.

    • Yeah, then it's too late.

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