If a guy is not giving you romantic attention does it mean that he doesn't have romantic feelings for you?

The guy I started dating few months ago doesn't really give me romantic attention. He is overall great, very reliable, sweet, kind, serious, and I know he likes me a lot. I just don't know to what extent. When we met I told him that I'm a hopeless romantic, and he said he too (?). So he either lied or has a different definition of romance, or he just didn't get there yet with me. He is only little romantic when we get physical or when we tease each other about something sexual. Once he called me a "cupcake" and that was it. He doesn't give me cute nicknames, he doesn't call me beautiful he would say "you look great" or something like that, he doesn't text me cute emoji's (even tho I do) and few days ago while we were walking downtown there was this store that was selling cute heart lollipops and I said "aww I love these!" and he just said "nooo they taste like shit". Honestly, I felt down. I was hoping he would buy me one. I know it sounds stupid but I can't help it, yes I am that kind of girl that needs those little romantic gestures and gets sad if doesn't get it. It is a must in a relationship for me, especially in the beginning. So I'm really starting to get depressed over this and don't know what to do. I guess I should talk to him about it, but I'm afraid he will take it as nagging and feel forced to do it. Do you think this a sign that he is just not that into me?
Also forgot to add, like a week ago I texted him "Thinking about you, miss you :* " from work, and he replied with "That must be a great job that you can think about me instead of working :) ". No miss you's back or thinking about you too. That was the first and last time I tried to be romantic out of nowhere, never again.


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  • he isn't into you... you should flirt with me instead in chat and texts here... ;) just message or follow my profile here for chats... ;)


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