I’m 24 and scared of physical intimacy what should I do?

I’m terrified to hold people’s hands, kiss them, and I don’t know why. I’m really inexperienced with relationships so I think that might be it? I just got broken up with and I asked him if I could have done something differently. He said no it was all him but I feel like it was because I was scared to show my affection physically.


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  • Seek out a therapist, this is not normal behavior. If you don't actively try to figure this out it will negatively affect your relationships. Most likely it comes from trauma in your past but a professional therapist will be able to guide you to a healing place. If you need a recommendation for a therapist ask you current doctor.

    • I have a therapist and I know it’s a problem. I told him about it but I didn’t know how to explain it well.

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    • Ha ha, ok that makes more sense. Because if you would have said your therapist broke up with you because you didn't hold his hands this would have gone in another direction!

    • Yep!

  • The least you can do is to not waste another man's time.

  • l am a bit like that as well and l am still single it can be so scary at times but l am working on it as l would love to meet a nice girl


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