Ould I just leave my Boyfriend says he wants to marry me but I found girls snapping him and a ex girlfriend messaging him in the last 3 months?

I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half we just moved in together 3 months ago.
Since then I have found messages from his Ex nothing super incriminating but she didn't know about me and he was sending her pics of our new place as if he lived here in his own.
I confronted him about it he apologized said he was wrong and that he would delete her from his social Media and it wouldn't happen again.
I forgave his things we great He has called me his wife to slot of people and his friends and now he is saying that he wants to marry me and how much he loves me and can't see me nothing his life.
Now I found that his Ex messaged him again nothing flirting just seeing what he was doing and asked about his family even though bitch had never even met them and Im the first Girl his family has met in 10 years.
I confronted him about it he said he was just being NICE. We called the girl took care of it.
we have always had a open book policy with our phones. I have let him go through mine and vice versa he has my password and I have his ( his idea not mine )
We went to a football game with his good friend and his wife have were great he even low key insinuated that we were engaged. We got home and we were both buzzed and I told him that sometimes I do get Insecure he promised me that he loved me and that he hates himself for making me think like that and he couldn't imagine his life without me and this new job he just got was for us and our future and he wants to buy a house soon.
And last night the very next day after all of that after we had dinner he was on Snapchat and he lets me seethe vids no kidding anything we always laugh and look at each other's stories. I asked him to scroll to the left and let me see his messages and at first he was like No why and I said why not. He scrolls and he has a pic message from someone he claims not to know we click on it. and it's some bitch with a low cut shirt and a caption calling him Daddy
After he apologized he let me message the girl she played it off saying no one wants my man that it was a joke but they had previously chatted and he was messaging her saying she looked good and there was even a good morning text in it.
He begged cried and pleaded for me not leave him but I just don't know if I can trust him anymore. This girl doesn't live in this state but why does he feel the need to do this shit to me after he says he wants to get married. Please help!


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  • IF you both have sex regularly. Then its strange that he is cheating you... Ignore him for few days at least

    • We have sex 3-5 days out of the week or more

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    • Why would he want to marry me and move in with me then... these were all this ideads I didn't push for them. I had my own place and was happy in my own I thought this was the next step so I did it.

    • he is a playboy who is just using u for sex by false promises of marriage...

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  • I wouldn’t make it easy on him. Make him work to get your attention. Don’t just sweep it under the rug because he’s saying nice things. Make him prove himself over a period of time with consistent actions.


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