Does a skinny guy has more chance with a skinny girl than a curvy/chubby/fat girl?

In my experience this is definitely true, because bigger/curvier girls are shallower. They want a bigger/taller guy and don't like skinny guys, while skinny girls don't have such requirements.
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  • To most it's not about being shallow. The whole idea is the woman should be smaller than her male counterpart. That's what society projects.
    I'm curvy, and dating a stick dude right now. Some days I feel morbidly obese in comparison to him, even though I'm not.

    • Ok, but you are less likely to be into a skinny guy or show your attraction towards him?

    • Yes because it has the effect of making the bigger girl over self conscious and totally aware how big she is, even if she's a healthy weight etc.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Could be, because a lot of bigger women turn a skinny guy down because they aren't comfortable with the size difference.


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  • Many skinny guys are with very large women so I have say no on that.

  • Plenty of fat chicks that like skinny guys. This way the kids don’t come out too plump.


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