Boyfriend won’t create boundaries?

If your boyfriend won’t create boundaries with other women... “friends” or old flames. So you get tired of it and leave... and he hasn’t even asked you to come home or talk about the problem, he’s just made small talk and said that he missed you for about a week (that’s it.) What would you do?
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  • What can u do u tried to force him to do somthing and and didn't take the bait

    • I did not try to force him. I tried to explain to him how I feel about it and how it is causing problems within our relationship and he would not like it if it were to be the other way around.

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    • Basically. I left temporarily hoping maybe it would make him think, but he has not put any effort in what so ever other than to either pretend like nothing ever happened and text/Snapchat me like normal OR we start arguing about it again and rehash everything so I’m kind of stuck.

    • You are not stuck u just don't accept his answer he has given u you can't make him change if he don't want to

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