Take the first step now? Wait for her? Or go with my original plan?

Before we dive into it, thanks for taking time out of your day to read and respond to my question!

Ok so, back in April, I went out on my first date ever. We go to the same school, but she's in the year above me. We knew each other for around 6 months prior to April, through a whatsapp group that we were both on, but we only truly started speaking a lot at the beginning of April. She started going out of her way to come and give me hugs and well, I started falling for her. I soon worked up the courage to ask her out, and of course she said yes (she seemed into me before I was into her)

Now fast forward to the date: things went really well... Here's the chat between us after the date:

Me: I'm gonna be super honest with u, yes, it is super early, but I'm gonna say it anyway... I just get that special feeling when I'm around u... Can't explain it.

Her: Aww, I'm super touched rn. You are a super amazing guy. I genuinely feel it too.

However, the next day she seemed off with me, but I didn't wanna raise it with her. Then when we saw each other again at school, things just were flat out awkward. Like her and I literally couldn't look at each other and well, we haven't spoken to each other since.

Fast forward to four days ago though, she had a somewhat depressing status on whatsapp, so I messaged her to make sure she was ok. We then started talking about what happened in April. In the message she said "You really are a great guy. I've been hurt like a million and five times, so I guess when you told me those stuff I got a little overwhelmed. Sorry if I hurt you or made thing awkward" The convo ended soon after and we haven't spoken since.

What do I do? My plan is just waiting till our school opens again, which will be on the 1st of October. I then just go up to her and give her a huge hug (I've been told I'm a good hugger) and try to take things from there. However, I truly am open to other suggestions. Like I understand that I might be waiting too long.
To be clear, I still have feelings for her, without any doubt. Just not sure if she feels the same... What's your take?


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  • QUIT THE TEXTING. You get no emotion and zero body language, so you're missing out on at least half of what's being communicated. Which leads to misunderstanding and confusion, and then silly questions like this. YOU CANNOT FORGE A RELATIONSHIP BY TEXTING.
    So set up a time and go TALK to her. You know, IN REAL LIFE. You'll get WAY more out of it. I promise.


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