My friend and her boyfriend have sex at our school?

So my friend has this boyfriend. They have been dating for 4 months now and she’s 17 and her boyfriend is 15. Recently, my friend told me that she and her boyfriend are going to meet up downstairs (we was in class) and have a talk with him. I said okay and she told me she’s be back really quick. 10 minutes later, after she hadn’t come back up yet, I decided to see if she was okay. I went downstairs only to hear moaning coming from a locker area we have at our school. There was nobody around Eleuthera and the cameras were out of sight. After hearing all that, I ran back upstairs and 20 minutes later, she came back upstairs. I asked her why she came up so late, pretending like I didn’t know anything. She told me she and her boyfriend were having sex and then she, without warning, gave me a whole bunch of details I definitely didn’t want to hear about. After that, she would occasionally go downstairs with him and be there for a while and then he or she would come back up with all smiles. I know it isn’t my business but I’m worried about them. I feel like it’s wrong to even have sex at school.


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  • First: What they're doing isn't wrong, it's perfectly fine. They're not hurting anyone, and they clearly are both having fun.

    Second: If you're uncomfortable with her talking to you about it, just politely let her know that. I'm sure she doesn't want to make you uncomfortable.

    Third: If you're worried that they may be being unsafe, it's always a good idea (and perfectly okay) for you to talk to your friends about safe sex and contraception. If you want to be prepared, do a little research online about different options and bring them up with her.

    We should all take responsibility for educating our friends about safe and healthy sex, since god knows the schools do such a terrible job of it.

    Finally, remember that sex is actually a healthy activity. As long as both partners are consenting and being safe, having sex is good for their emotional and physical health, and can bring them closer in their relationship.

    I hope I've been helpful and I hope you can find some way to improve your situation. If you have questions about anything I've said or you want help finding more information online, feel free to DM me. If you don't like that idea, there are tons of resources that are just a good google search away, like WebMD and the planned parenthood website.

    For more info about sex-positive education, check out Laci Green on youtube. I recommend you do that when you're alone though, because she uses explicit terminology when talking about sex.

  • You're worried about them? Sure.
    Stay out of it, it's none of your business. Quit trying to insert yourself into other people's business. Whatever they're doing will catch up with them sooner or later. Don't make any of their problems yours. Besides, you can't do anything about it anyway.
    And yes, it's wrong, for a whole lot of reasons. It's just not something you need to worry about or concern yourself with.

  • Not really wrong I mean it's fun because of the thrill of getting caught makes it more exciting


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