What does she mean by "taking it slow"?

So we're pretty compatible. We both have the same views and fit the mold of what we both want in a SO. She loves to ask me questions and will answer any that I ask her. She loves listening to me talk about whatever because it "relaxes". The thing is, is she taking it slow to get to know more about me? I didn't actually start opening myself up to her until a few months ago so would she want to take it slow until she knows more about me and if we're a fit?


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  • She doesn’t want to rush (sex)

  • Fact is, the same women that are taking it slow with you, were taking it hard from another guy... and fast. if you are ok with that potential double standard, then I guess that's all good.

    Women are different with every guy, and it is usually determined by their levels of attraction. Hint, generally they do not take it slow with any guy they have high attraction with... there are as always exceptions.


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