Met a guy in a club. We're going out on a date? Sorta? Help?

So I met this guy at a club - seemed like he was dragged there by our mutual friend so he could meet up with some girl. I had only spoken to him a bit before we actually entered the club. Like small talk in a pub, yknow? He seemed really nice and sweet. My kinda guy. Anyway, I was alone, my friends were dancing together but I wanted to dance one-to-one. So I went up to him, grabbed his hands and nudged him to the dance floor. We danced a little goofily for a song or two and it was good fun 😅 But then a Shakira song came on - and I bet you know what Shakira songs do to a tipsy girl, especially one on a dance floor 😂 Anyway, my confidence skyrocketed as I tried to look sexy dancing? And it worked cos we started moving closer to the point where we made out for a while?
Fast forward like 3 days later and I texted him like hey I'm sorry for last time - I don't usually do that and he was like haha no worries 😮
Anyways we were chatting about our interests today and long story short he suggested we go bowling together. Now. He trains. I don't. I haven't had a first date in almost.. 3 years? What do.


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  • Yea he definitely doesn't care how good you are at bowling. Trust me.

    He does probably care about exactly how physical you're going to be with him, so decide that right away and stick to your decision.

    Just go, relax, be yourself, and get to know him better. Remember that you have basically nothing to lose here. If it doesn't work out, so what?

  • I typically have a rule of thumb, never date anyone you meet in a club. But if he seemed like he was there only because he was dragged along it might work out ok.

    For the date, have a drink beforehand. Go in relaxed. Don't worry about being good or not at bowling. He probably doesn't care about how good you are, he probably just wants to get to know you.

  • Don’t worry about it, just go, he isn’t going to make you feel bad

    • Haha I sure hope not 😅
      My friends are totally against me going out with this guy since we already made out, and it was in a club. They say it's like he's already gotten some goods. What do you think?

    • No that’s silly, he still has the opportunity to get to know you now, you might actually have fun, you have nothing to lose

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