Met a guy in a club. We're going out on a date? Sorta? Help?

So I met this guy at a club - seemed like he was dragged there by our mutual friend so he could meet up with some girl. I had only spoken to him a bit before we actually entered the club. Like small talk in a pub, yknow? He seemed really nice and sweet. My kinda guy. Anyway, I was alone, my friends were dancing together but I wanted to dance one-to-one. So I went up to him, grabbed his hands and nudged him to the dance floor. We danced a little goofily for a song or two and it was good fun 😅 But then a Shakira song came on - and I bet you know what Shakira songs do to a tipsy girl, especially one on a dance floor 😂 Anyway, my confidence skyrocketed as I tried to look sexy dancing? And it worked cos we started moving closer to the point where we made out for a while?
Fast forward like 3 days later and I texted him like hey I'm sorry for last time - I don't usually do that and he was like haha no worries 😮
Anyways we were chatting about our interests today and long story short he suggested we go bowling together. Now. He trains. I don't. I haven't had a first date in almost.. 3 years? What do.
Met a guy in a club. We're going out on a date? Sorta? Help?
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