Does the person that ends a relationship feel as bad/hurt as the person who gets broken up with?

I don’t know why but a part of me would feel better knowing he felt as shitty as I do right now.


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  • I can only hope my ex feels as shitty or worse than I do at present... She cheated, I dumper her and kicked her out.

    • I think you’re in a valid situation to hope she feels worse. I went from a guy who was super romantic for weeks on end to cold and distant in a 48 hour time span. I was completely thrown off.

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    • People change that quickly?

    • Sometimes in the blink of an eye

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  • It depends on the situation I think. I've hurt more when being the one thats been broken up with


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  • I believe it's a different kind of pain, but on the whole I think the one that got broken up with got it worse. The one doing the breaking has had the time to consider and come to terms with the decision. The other person didn't get that opportunity to prepare and the decision is made for them so not only do they get hit with it all at once, but they were helpless in the matter.

  • Not usually. There is often a winner and a loser in a break-up. One wants to split up, the other one doesn't.


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