How can I forget my ex?

I've been going out but haven't met any guys, and they don't really approach me. Its been 3 months and I keep missing my ex. People say to get a rebound but I haven't met anyone!


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  • If I had an answer to that question, I'd be a millionaire. Here is the bad part first: you will never forget your ex. They are a part of you and will always be a part of you. Here is the good part: the intense feelings you had for them will die out with time and eventually you will remember them like reminiscing over your high school classmates. Why are you dating again? The BEST way to start healing (and not really forgetting your ex forever) is by investing that energy on DATING YOURSELF. After all, a break-up does cart-wheels on your psyche and you need to get "together" before you are even remotely ready for dating. Take it easy. Date yourself. Be comfortable being ALONe. If you don't like your OWN company, why will somebody else?

    My ex and I broke up over a year ago and there isn't a DAY that goes by that I don't think of her. However, I am a WORLD away from where I was at this point last year. It gets better and I know I wish we could press a button and fast forward...but the day WILL come for you when his memory no longer haunts you.

    Hang in there and date yourself. No one better to invest on:)

  • yeah I am in the same place.. but its been 5 months for me.

    it really does get better, just try to avoid him and maybe block him on facebook or whatever make you just completly forget him, and avoid running into him. if you don't run into anything that reminds you of him, you won't think of him as much.

    now I don't think of him as much, it will get better I promise!