How to get over my horrible fear of approaching women?

Well this is something that I have been really fighting with over my life time. I just have a hard time approaching random women, because I have a hard time thinking about what to say after "Hello." I don't want to seem stupid/crazy/creepy. In addition, I don't really understand women such as when they want me to approach, if they are interested me, or checking me out. So I just don't bother approach or I might walk by and say hello and keep it moving. I don't know what to do, which is why I am asking for help now.


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  • Go to a town you won't bump into the women in later. Approach as many women as possible just being nice and not trying to get a number or anything. A lot of this will help you get over the nerves. Until you get the hang of it you might weird out a few women, just back off immediately if they look uncomfortable and move on.


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