Is it weird that my friends girlfriend and I text back and forth for the last month?

I've been texting back and fourth with my friends girlfriend for about a month. She text me on a daily basis asking if I like this or that. I text her like I do all my close friends asking how her day went, how they're feeling, etc.. I work with both of them and have for about 18 months. I'm just not sure what to think of the whole thing if I'm being honest. Is it normal for women to text guys there friends with so often?


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  • Well I'm with someone but I have friends that are man. I talk to them everyday and for them I'm like a really good friend because they tell me everything. But I respect myself as they respect themselves. As long as you are not crossing the line by trying to make a move because you are liking her then I don't see anything wrong


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  • ''I text her like I do all my close friends asking how her day went,''

    Reverse the situation, then ask yourself. The answer is obvious but so many of us lie to ourselves, pretend we don't know what's happening, or collude with others. We should have clear boundaries, even if others do not.

    We need to stop trying to fool ourselves, and each other...

    • I text her boyfriend literally the same thing along with my mom. Do I not have clear boundaries with my mother Freud? I'm self-actualized, clean slate. I just saw this app an hour or so ago and it seemed interesting. I truly enjoy the thoughts/viewpoints other people have to offer. Thank you for your reply.

    • LOl @ Freud. It's not the same thing as texting the boyfriend or Mom. if it was, you'd be asking about them. It may start innocent enough, but in time an emotional connection can begin to grow.

    • Nothing wrong with an emotional connection. I didn't ask about them because I know their intent.

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  • U decide
    Know ur limit

  • you playing with fire.
    Who's friendship is more important to you?

    • Damn man that is a good question lol. If I'm being pragmatic hers. Like she helps me every day at work. A lot of the time I'd be fucked without her..

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