Just recently found out the guy I’m dating has a 6 month old... advice?

I've been dating this guy for a while now. He just told me that he has a six month old. Apparently she lives in another state with her mom and he hasn’t seen the baby in 5 months... for whatever reason I didn’t ask. He is such a kind hearted loving person. He is so sweet. I’m only 22 so I’m obviously not ready for kids. But, I don’t want to judge him. Everyone has a past. He is 24, just graduated college and is planning on attending med school. Very smart, driven guy. I’ve just never been in this situation before. Thoughts? Please don’t be rude, or post dumb replies!


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What Guys Said 1

  • Move on.

    You don't need drama and baggage and there are plenty of available kid-free guys.

    Furthermore, since he wasn't married and knocked up the girl, he wasn't using birth control and is an icon of irresponsibility.

    Do you really need an irresponsible man with baggage in your life?

    I think not.

    Move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • If you really really like him you have to accept that he has a child. You are still young so enjoy the moment you are having with him. Then if you two get serious you would need to see his kid and love it like if it was yours. But don't be in a hurry just get to know each other and see were your relationship would go. When I was single with no kids. For me it was very important to be with someone that does not have kids because I wanted some one that I could start a family with. But that's just me.


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