Advice and opinions greatly appreciated! I know it’s lengthy, but I need dating advice. Is he friend-zoning me?

So 2 weeks back I went out with my sister and we met up with a group of her friends at a bar. Within this group, there was this brother and sister and i noticed out of the corner of my eye he kept looking over at me. The guys sister was showing him pictures of a girl she was trying to set him up with. He inmediatley shut her down and very loudly said and pointing at me “no, but I’d date her.” His sister looked at me and under her breath was like “I’d take that as a compliment.” Needless to say we ended up talking the whole night.
We left the bar and he told me to meet him and his friends up at another place, so I did. He was allll over me the whole night. Asking for us to get to know each other and be friends on insta and exchange numbers. He was super nice and kept telling me how beautiful I was (he was def. a little drunk but I did not get a creepy vibe or have bells ringing for me to run away from this guy... and believe me, I’ve had plenty of other experiences with diff people in the past) anyway, I ended up dropping him off at his house and we kissed for a few minutes in the car.
Didn’t hear from him aside from here and there on insta. A week goes by and he invites me to a house party he’s throwing. He kind of acknowledges me when I get there, but basically leaves me alone to mingle with his friends. I kinda knew one and I kind of made friends with another. But basically I was alone the whole night. He darted in and out and around me sometimes, but I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Umm... help? What gives? He was so into me the week before, but during the party I hardly saw him. I had to seek him out in his room to say goodbye (which ended in me asking for a hug) I don’t hear from him really unless it’s through insta (although I did get the party invite through text) I’m confused.


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  • Was he flirting with others at the party? he is the host so maybe he was to stressed to be flirting.

    • No, he wasn’t flirting with others. The night i met him he ended up introducing me to a few friends that were at the party too. I don’t feel like he was stressed. I know he was the host and all, but these people seemed like they were over all the time, so I don’t think there was much to host lol

  • Move on.

    • Lol part of me knows that too! But I can’t help and wonder what his deal is, ya know?

    • There is no telling, in my younger years if I was doing that I either met someone else. Was less interested. Or was playing silly mind games like if I ignore or play disinterested it will attract her more. I was an asshole was when I was younger.

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