Why did she act this way?

I work with this girl, who thinks she's the hottest piece to ever walk the earth. Not kidding.
Anyway, she's always rude to me. Every once in a while she's pleasant but rarely.
Like one time she refused to help someone I brought over to her because I talked to them first. Much to the customers dismay.
She openly talks about her sex life, and problems to her friends when she's in my area and asks if I'm being entertained...
The other day, she came back to my area and I had replaced her friend for the night, and she was upset. I said I knew I wasn't as good as him but I understood her disappointment. She got extremely defensive and said it was just because she and the other guy had created a good bond, and they talk a lot.
I had already started watching a TV show on my phone, and he said I was overthinking things. I just said ok, and started watching again. She just stood there staring at me and said I was over thinking it still. I paused my show and said not really, and resumed it.
We did this twice more before she finally left.
Like? What?


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