Abuse and the effects of it?

So women tell me this why would a women of 30 or so let her own mother beat on her and control her life.
Why would she allow her mother to dictate every aspect of her life.
She tells a man she loves him after a year of being with him having him as a step father role to her two baby girls only to rip them from him over and over again becouse the mother of her does not like the man.

Then she gets a restraining order on said man later that man finds out she is pregnant by the brother of the ex girlfriends husbands brother.

I honestly am clueless to why a women would do all that to a man had me stumped for a long time.
I don't understand why some women use and abuse men that are good to them.
When a man stands by a women no matter what happens and a women literally destroys that man becouse because of there mother it is not right and very wrong.
I am a veteran myself I had all this happen to me and want to know why would a women do this when she is happy with you.
Worst part of all of it was not her getting rid of me savagely but having to hear about her two baby girls crying at school for me.
Not being able to go to them was the worst.
Still fucked up by this all have not been able to have a good relationship sense all becouse because of what was done to me.


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