Do girls like men that have big butts?

I’m asking because I’ve been working out and my but has been growing and still is getting bigger and rounder! I don’t know if it’s weird but what would you girls do if I was your boyfriend?


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  • I have to admit I love a man's butt. Big, small, doesn't matter as long as it's shapely and not nonexistent/flat. Proportion is important but so far I liked every worked out male's butt. xD

    • There’s a difference like I workout and am losing weight but at the Same time I’m building muscle to my butt trying to make it rounder and bigger sorry if that sounds weird

    • I think I get it. My opinion stills stands. I like such butts.

    • Yeah thanks for your opinion

What Guys Said 2

  • It's normal when you workout, girls will love it, the wife can't keep her hands off my butt. Wearing chinos makes girls go crazy (i don't wear skinny pants, NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER)

  • I have kind of a big ass from skateboarding vert, sprinting, and long jumping (along with big quads/hams/calfs). :-D But I don't think girls were ever attracted to it, because the most female attention I tended to get was when I wore slimming style of pants that made my legs and ass look smaller and more in proportion with the upper body.

    I've actually surprised many girls when the pants came off and they probably saw the huge muscle butt and thighs and calves. It doesn't look to match my upper body (sort of Chun Li like), and I sort of "hide" it, and seemed to do better when I hid it with slimming types of pants.

    • I actually noticed that I never got girls wearing pants that weren't slimming and making my legs and ass look smaller. Maybe it was a coincidence and a bit superstitious, but it really seemed like I got so much more attention from girls wearing the slimming pants... and I experimented all the time with attire while going to night clubs and seeing what draws women and what doesn't and taking notes.

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    • I don’t mind having a big butt at all but I have 3 friends who are girls and they tell me watch out for the boys and they always slap me on the butt, but I’m not gay and will knock a person out if necessary

    • I got some of that ass slapping sort of thing in the US and before I started wearing those kinds of slimming pants. Might give them a try though -- like jeans that are kind of slimming, or pants with vertical stripes, that sort of thing... and compare the attention you get from girls with and without. It seemed to make a world of difference in my case, helping to make my body look much more in proportion and balanced out. You might also be able to compensate by growing surrounding muscles and upper body... in my case I think the problem was that it looked so imbalanced since I trained my lower body to ridiculous extents, but not so much upper body.

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