Is “love” truly only meant for one person or is that what we make ourselves believe?

Like we see it as you share special moments with one person, kiss one Person, desire one person, have a special bond or connection with one person and the minute you find out they felt this way toward someone new or even someone of their past once they were in their presence again we automatically believe that person didn’r and never have “Loved” us you can be married with kids or engaged but the minute we found out that they experienced what we thought they should only experience with us with someone else we start saying the love was fake. Like what if what we feel isn’t love but just a chemical feeling a chemical feeling that isn’t meant for just one person but anyone you feel a connection with and you can literally feel a connection with anybody even a stranger lol.


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  • Love? Well we call all that incest. Woh woh woh! Joking, pulling your strings, anywho it how you maje of it. The mind can perceive the types of love then after that its lust. Say if you have crush on two people. One lust other is live. Say family member. One is love other is favourite.


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